(*) Burning Sky - Belo Horizonte/MG - Photo, Art: Ana.
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26 agosto 2008

5,000 minutes

(Para ler a versão em Português, clique aqui.)


Taste of honey and raindrops
Smell of country flowers and wet grass
My home land calls my name
Written in small petals
By golden dew drops
Like metal medals floating on your blue and white sea

To the long talks I’ll toast
To the long kiss I’ll say
5,000 minutes isn't enough
5,000 kisses is what I want
Each night
Each sunlight
Until the wind sweeps the soul
And the moon whispers cold and silver words
And the night pops out of your dreams

Until then
Bright and calm I'll lay in your arms
A little bee bug crying for one drop
Just a small taste
Of honey…

Taste of honey...
Tasting much sweeter than wine.

(poem and photo)